To Begin: Chain as many as you need by measuring the length of your jaw, going just below the ear lobe, along the jaw line to the opposite ear lobe. You may want to add a couple of extra chains as you will need to attach it to your hat.

This is an unusual pattern as your working on top of the last row, into the back, rather than working in the round or in rows.

Row 1: DC into the 4th chain from the hook, and DC all the way to the end.

Row 2:. Working from left to right, sk first DC, *ch 7, sl st into next DC to the right of the one you skipped. Repeat from * to the end, sl st into the 3rd stitch of the chains you’d made at the beginning of the DC row.

Row 3. Working from right to left go behind the loops of row 2 and hook into the back loops of the bottom of the 7 ch (through the start and finish of the 7ch) . DC into the back loops as described all the way across to end.

Row 4. Repeat 1 and 2 until you get the desired width and length of the beard. End with a Row 2 and sl st into the end of the row.


Place your beard on your chin and mark out, with stitch markers, where you would like the moustache to be. Join your yarn 2 st before 1st marker, dc into next st to the right, ch across to second marker, dc into st to the right of marker sl st into next dc to right.

Row 1: Working from right to left. Lean the work forward so you are looking at the back of the chain (and you can see the back of the beard) dc into the bottom of each ch to the end.

Row 2: Working left to right. *Ch 4, sl st into next DC to the right* repeat to the end.

Row 3: Repeat row 1 and 2

Sl st into marked dc

Attach to your beanie! You can use the beanie hat from my web page if you like. However you can attach your beard to any beanie or hat.

This pattern can be adapted and used as a farther Christmas beard too! Enjoy x12239691_10156277594570010_7993868890165090151_n(1)