Simple Sock Pattern

(Size 4-6)

Using 2.75mm Needles

Cast on 60 stitches. Divide between 3 needles and join in the round. ( Or place all stitches on a long circular needle)

Using the fourth needle, work in the round; knit 1×1 rib (K1, P1) cont. till work measures 1-4cm (depending on your desired length of rib)

You may swap to a bigger needle if you wish.

Depending on how long you want your sock; knit as many rows as you wish in any pattern that fits the number of stitches that you have. If you want a plain stocking stitch pattern you just use knit stitches in the round. This is nice and easy as well as fast!

Heel Flap (back of the heel) It is good to use a reinforced stitch for this. A simple one is gather stitch or alternatively a slip stitch as described below. It is made on half the number of stitches and knitted on two needles.

At the beginning of the round k15. Turn

Now sl1 P29        Put remaining 30 stitches onto non –using needle/s

Now continue as follows:

Row 1: K1, (sl1, K1) repeat to last stitch, K1

Row 2: Purl

Row 3: K2, (Sl1, K1) Repeat to end

Row 4: Purl

Repeat these 4 pattern rows until the heel flap is 3inches/7.5cm (Approx. 30 rows). Finishing on a knit row.

Heel Turning

Row1: (ws) Sl1, P16, p2tog, P1, turn

Row2: sl1, k5, ssk2tog, K1, turn

Row3: Sl1, P6, p2tog, P1, turn

Row4: sl1, K7, ssk2tog, K1, turn

Row5: sl1, p8, p2tog, P1, turn

Continue in this way taking in one more stitch each time until all the stitches from the heel flap have been used. You should have 18 stitches on this needle.

Picking up for the Gusset/Instep. We are now going back to knitting in the round.

Pick up 15 sts (if you did 30 rows) knitwise down side of heel flap. Place marker.

Knit 30 sts from spare needle place marker.

Pick up 15 sts knitwise from other side of heel flap.

78 stitches in total. Arrange over three needles.


Round 1: Knit to 3 stitches before the 1st marker. K2tog, K1 (marker), knit to next marker (marker) K1, ssk2tog, knit to the end (76sts)

Round 2: Knit

Repeat these two rounds until 60 stitches left.

Foot:     Knit 45-50 rounds (20cm) to required length.

Toe Shaping

Round 1: Knit to 3 sts before the 1st marker, k2tog, k1, (marker)k1, ssk2tog, knit to 3 sts before next marker, k2tog, k1 (marker), k1, ssk2tog, k to end. (54sts)

Round 2: Knit.

Repeat these rounds until 24 stitches remain. Knit to the first marker. Graft.

Graft (Use Kitchener stitch): Purl front, Knit back

Knit Front and remove stitch, Purl front

Purl back and remove stitch, knit back

Repeat these two rows till all stitches are removed. Darn in ends.